The Forever Fat Burner: The Secret to Optimizing Your Health, Longevity, and Body Composition


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Are you tired of dieting? Are you frustrated that the typical low-calorie diet and exercise model no longer works for you? Do you feel as if your metabolism has slowed as a result of your dieting and over-exercising history? The Forever Fat Burner is your solution. For too long we have been bombarded by a deluge of dietary information and hype that leads each of us to a downward spiral of chasing the latest fad. And while each dietary fad may assist in a few pounds lost, the most important piece is often missing from these trends: an individualized approach toward weight loss with an understanding that each body is uniquely designed. With this in mind, it is important to note that Dr. Linder is a firm believer that no diet is a one-size-fits-all solution. On a mission to lose 45 pounds, renowned wellness warrior, lifestyle enthusiast and aging-well expert, Dr. Linder tried every diet available. This book is a compilation of the cutting-edge research that led her not only to lose the weight but to help others do the same. She takes the guess work out of creating the body of your dreams. Her discoveries include the latest research, sound nutrition, and cognitive psychology that come together in a succinct package to help turbocharge your metabolism and reveal a healthier, stronger, thinner you. You can achieve these results without restriction, over exercising and creating metabolic damage. The methods mentioned in this book, while simple, can help to improve genetic expression and potentially prevent the expression of unfavorable outcomes (i.e. family history). This method is not a diet nor is it a quick fix solution. On the contrary, it is a revolutionary lifestyle plan that is relevant to your overall wellness goals. It is an individualized blueprint that walks you through step-by-step guidelines for determining if your current eating plan needs adjusting. The Forever Fat Burner is a goldmine of information to assist you in achieving what you desperately long for: maximum results with minimal effort. Welcome to your one-stop-guide to help you develop the skills necessary to navigate your body’s response to food and fitness. With these tools, you create the best diet and exercise routine for your unique genetic blueprint. Here is what The Forever Fat Burner is helping many others to achieve: Learn how to use cognitive science to change your mindset; and therefore, achieve success where you have previously failed. Learn how to clear away old habits that are preventing you from achieving your goals. Identify the hormones responsible for weight gain and the dreaded plateau. Increase your weight loss potential by manipulating your hormones through small—but significant—changes. Learn why intermittent fasting works for some folks and not others. Create an individualized approach to maintaining weight loss after a medically assisted program (i.e. hCG). Feel empowered and skilled in the ability to identify your roadblocks and take control of your weight loss, once and for all. Apply a realistic and functional approach toward nutrition that will assist in correcting the imbalance in your body’s ability to burn fat and to heal metabolic damage. Savor the many nutritionally dense recipes that have become staples in Dr. Linder’s diet, including chocolate truffles, crustless quiche, eggs Benedict, crab cakes and more! Utilize a step by step guide to help you determine if you need to lower or increase your carbohydrate intake and how to do so safely. Incorporate daily detoxification methods. Take creative action steps toward achieving success in all of your physical goals. Utilize tons of tips, tricks, guides and printouts to help you on your journey toward an improved body. This method of self-guided nutrition and exercise will help you lose weight, gain energy, improve your mindset and turn you into the ultimate fat-burning machine, without deprivation!


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