Premium Herbal Slimming tea for weight loss tea, reducing and energy boosting detox slimming tea


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  • ►Naturally blended tea for effective fat loss.
  • ►Decreases your food intake and helps you to get in shape.
  • ►Aromatic delightfully tasty and safe tea to use as an adjunct to a diet.
  • ►Boosts your energy which helps in your workout
  • ►Helps in lowering cholesterol and improving immune system for preventing clogged arteries

VitaPride premium tea is specially formulated using calculated blending of teas to help in losing weight while the added caffeine content boosts energy to do day to day routines and workouts during losing weight without losing strength in body. VitaPride slimming tea helps to lose fat by melting extra fat from the body and by reducing daily intake of the food. Its vigorous fragrance of blended tea leaves refreshes mind which reduces stress on mind and its lovely sweet taste lets you enjoy every sip of the tea.
VitaPride herbal tea brings all the best properties of tea to delivers high levels of antioxidants that help in improving bodily actions and improving immune system against free radicals which are the one of the main cause of cancer.
In creation of this perfect slimming tea the following teas were used: Green tea, Oolong tea, Pu-Erh tea, Black tea, White tea.


Great awesome taste make you feel better and healthy.

Additional Features:

► Quick and best efficacy performance.

► Absolutely world-class manufacturing .

► Available in economical prices.

Why VitaPride:

Because VitaPride is providing you the best ever natural products, By burning cholesterol it also helps in prevention of clogged arteries which puts your heart at risk. cleanses and vitalizes your body and increases your digestion. The pouch contains 60 tea bags containing each of them with 2.1g of tea


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