Lose Weight and Feel Great Forever: The Insider’s Prescription to Turbocharge your life now!


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A sumo wrestler can add as much as 300 pounds in three years. Are you doing the same thing on a smaller scale? What if we could reverse it? With this amazing new book, you may finally have the permanent solution to keeping yourself slimmer and healthier. Teaching that the absence of disease doesn’t necessarily equal health, this informative guide is packed with practical advice on everything from the damning effects of cortisol imbalance and how food labels con you to how to sleep yourself slimmer and how to eat, move, and recover toward your best health. A life-changing and permanent fix to an age-old problem, this motivational guide will help you turn your life around once and for all. Lose Weight and Feel Great Forever debunks the myths of health and weight loss. Easy to read, friendly, and very supportive, this tremendous resource by Dr. Ara Suppiah is both motivational and inspirational. Urging readers to get healthy by leading through example, this informative book teaches important health information while showing readers that they can accomplish their fitness goals. Whether it’s shattering the myth of the need for long periods of exercise or teaching readers about cortisol imbalance, this one-of-a-kind guide is an invaluable resource for anyone trying to lose weight and, most importantly, wanting to get healthy. A priceless new health philosophy, Lose Weight and Feel Great Forever isn’t a fad…it’s a lifestyle. Written by a physician who has worked all over the world with professional athletes and in the Emergency Room, the book was inspired by witnessing more and more people harming themselves with fad diets, hormonal supplements, and “healthy” shakes. Designed as an easy-to-follow resource to changing your life, this amazing book makes getting started with a healthy lifestyle as easy as possible, regardless of a reader’s age, schedule, gender, or background. An eye-opening and honest look at health and weight loss, this wonderful book has the unique ability to truly change lives. Crafted with over ten years of research, Suppiah offers permanent results that ignore the quick-fix methodology of most fad diets. A perfect companion for anyone who has tried diets that haven’t worked, often feels fatigued, can’t control his or her diet, and has trouble finding time to exercise, the book is a must-read for getting healthy. Teaching the valuable tools to weight loss and great health, this one-of-a-kind guide should be on every household’s coffee table.


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