How to Lose Fat with Tea Smoothies: Over 80 fat-burning tea smoothie recipes


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How To Lose Fat With Tea Smoothies

This Guide Will Help You:

• Discover different teas that will help you tremendously in losing fat and keeping it off forever
• Learn how to make tea smoothies that burn twice as much fat as green tea
• Find out the different benefits of each fat loss tea not just for losing fat, preventing premature aging and boosting your immune system to ward off chronic disease
•Make delicious smoothies that will keep you from craving for sugary and processes junk food ever again.

Some of the kitchen-tested recipes for my tea smoothie guide include:

•Mango Papaya Pu-Erh Tea Smoothie
•Berries and Green Tea Smoothie
•Beets and Carrots White Tea Smoothie
•Spinach Kale and Celery white Tea Smoothie

What Some People Say About Me:

“Jennifer’s smoothies have always been delicious. I’ve attended 3 of her classes and I couldn’t say enough about how it has changed my health.” Myrna Chang, student
“Our family loves smoothies and we usually make them for a special treat. I love the fact that there are no artificial ingredients and sweeteners used in Jennifer’s class. Everything is freshly prepared. I’ve gotten consistently tasty smoothies ever since joining her class. .” Angelina Sanchez, student
“I love smoothies and didn’t like the fact that I had to spend a lot to get them. I enrolled in Jennifer’s smoothie making class and I can honestly say that my tea smoothies not only taste better but are healthier than the ones I’ve had at the mall” Jana Kuster, student

A Personal Note From the Author

Smoothies have always been a big part of my life. In this book, I want to show you how to make tea smoothies that will get your family and friends raving about them. This book will take you from the most basic recipes all the way to to making the more sophisticated tea smoothies.


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