EAT LESS – #1 Weight Loss Pills on Amazon – Fat burning Supplements for Women and Men – Weight loss pills that WORK FAST – made in USA


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  • ★ EAT LESS – Hoodia Gordonii natural Hunger Suppressant reduces interest in Food & caloric intake. 600 mg Blend promotes fast Weight loss & helps to control Appetite.
  • ★ LOSE WEIGHT EASY – Green Tea Extract contains Polyphenol Catechins & Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) to fight Cell Damage, stimulates growth of healthy Cells in Body, boosts Metabolism & burns Fat.
  • ★ REDUCES STRESS & IMPROVES MOOD – Hunger under Control & increased metabolic Rate reduces Jitters & Stress from overeating. Combination of Caffeine and L-theanine and Green Tea improves Vigilance Clearance, Reaction Time, Memory. Ensure calm, stable & steady Mood.
  • ★ ABSOLUTELY SAFE – Chromium Picolinate works to increase the Efficiency of Insulin on optimal Level which in turn reduces Appetite, energy Dips, Sugar & Fat cravings, thereby helping Weight loss.
  • ★ ADVANCED QUALITY – Eat less was developed by leading Industry Experts. Each Ingredient has been selected from the most natural Sources available to assure delivery of the highest Potency possible. MADE IN USA.

APPLICATION Capsule Filler Consists of Balanced Ingredients which Helps to avoid Overeating, reduces Frequency of feeling hungry, decreases in Inches & increases Weight loss, controls fat-forming Sugar cravings & snacking, plus promotes healthy Lifestyle & ensures your good Mood.

P57 – SPECIAL APPETITE SUPPRESSANT exclusive Ingredient P57 contained in African Hoodia Gordonii decreases Appetite & increases Energy. P57 helps to reduce Body Fat & decreases the Amount of consumed Calories.

GREEN TEA causes your Metabolism to heat up & consumes Fat at faster Rate. The faster Metabolism is more Fat it needs. Faster Rate – more Fat it burns. Result – you lose Weight fast.

CHROMIUM appears to be directly involved into Carbohydrates Fat & Protein Metabolism. Chromium works by improving sensitivity to Insulin, supports healthy Blood Sugar Levels & that helps to reduces Appetite. Body has no Demand in additional Sugar. Hunger is under Control. Weight has lost.


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