Building Muscle: Life Is Your Trainer

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Life is extremely unpredictable and adversity hits everyone whether we are prepared for it or not. Nathan categorizes life as tough trainer who is meant to challenge us and force us to “Build Muscle” while becoming the best version of ourselves. This doesn’t just mean becoming strong in the physical sense but in the mental, financial and spiritual sense as well. This strengthening process is what he describes as “Building Muscle.” Everyone has the ability to “Build Muscle” if we choose to lift the weight that life attempts to hold us down with. In this book you will hear stories from the Nathan’s past in which adversity tested him the most and as a result he “Built Muscle” by learning and growing from those situations that ultimately tried to break him down. He shares the “Keys to Building Muscle” that he learned from facing adversity head on which helped him become the man he is today. His goal is to share those keys in a attempt to help others who come from similar backgrounds as himself and others who may be having difficulties overcoming adversity as well. Let’s continue to “Build Muscle” together !


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