Belly Fat Blast: How to Lose Stomach Fat Fast Without Hunger! (A Better Body Forever) (Volume 3)


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  • This is a ‘easy-reading-right-to-the-point-book.’  I’ve read other books about the same subject . . . This one . . . is the best . . .” –C. Daniela
  • ” . . . I recommend this book to anyone who wants to lose weight and to those who don’t need to lose weight, but want to be healthier.”  –JoyceP
  • ” . . . an excellent long-term plan . . . In summary, this book offers a great nutritional plan based upon the only natural way to eat. It explains why other eating plans fail, dispels common myths about proper nutrition (for example the perils of the low fat diet), and explains what to do to lose the fat and keep it off. This plan also does not require endless amounts of exercise. I’m getting the same results under this plan exercising once a week for 30 minutes and strictly following the eating guidelines as I did following other plans in which I was exercising six days a week for 45 minutes a day or more.  — Dave

Belly fat [stomach fat, visceral obesity] is very dangerous. It causes insulin resistance and thereby greatly contributes to the epidemic of type 2 diabetes. So it’s not only ugly, it’s unhealthy.

The easiest and best way to reduce abdominal obesity is to eat well. BELLY FAT BLAST explains exactly how to do that. Because you will never be hungry and because eating well undermines food cravings, it may be much easier than you think.  Here are some ideas explained in this book:  
  • Eating about four times daily (in other words, about every 4 hours) will, by itself increase your metabolic rate and burn more calories.
  • The key is consuming plenty of proteins and fats from natural sources as well as drinking sufficient water. Doing this properly, working with the body Mother Nature designed for you, means switching your body from burning sugar to burning fat. 
  • Since, when digested, all carbohydrates become sugar, this means keeping daily carbohydrate consumption low. Until you attain the reduced percentage of body fat you want, this typically means consuming no processed carbohydrates, no fruits except, possibly, for ½ cup of (preferably organic) berries daily and obtaining additional carbs from foods such as green leafy vegetables. It means temporarily consuming no dairy products or artificial sweeteners. 
  • Wait! There’s also good news. You probably won’t have to worry about counting calories. As long as the fats you are consuming are from natural foods that are prepared properly (e.g., by baking rather than frying them), you also probably won’t have to worry about fat consumption either. 
  • You’ll also be consuming at least one gram of protein for every pound of lean body weight and you’ll spread this consumption over your four meals. This is important because it’s so satisfying that you’ll never be hungry! Furthermore, eating this way will automatically eliminate all physical causes of food cravings. 
Isn’t eating this way a lot of bother? Not if you learn to prepare delicious protein shakes that have sufficient fat as well as fiber! You’ll find out just how filling and satisfying they can be – and how easy they are to use for many meals. 
  • BELLY FAT BLAST is a four week program of two phases. You’ll get your liver, which is your most important fat burning organ, in the best possible shape during the first two weeks and continue the fat burning during the second two weeks. It’s a natural process that doesn’t involve drugs or buying expensive prepared meals.
You are going to be delighted with your results. Don’t be surprised if you begin to feel better and more energetic in just a couple of days! In 28 days you may be amazed at how much lighter you are and how much better you are beginning to look. (Still, never make major alterations in how you eat without the prior blessing of your licensed physician or other health care professional. Because this eating plan is natural, such approval should be easy to obtain..
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